Seaplane Training

Would you like to get your feet wet?  Want to fly the Beaver?  We can compete your Float training on our Amphibious Beaver, if you already have a float rating we can transition you onto the Beaver.
During the basic endorsement you will receive 5 hrs of flying instruction.  The actual amount required is dependant on your experience and ability however we find that is enough to provide an experienced pilot with the basic rating.

The endorsement includes water handling, taxiing, berthing, beaching, docking, specific maintenance training, in-flight handling and approximately 50 water landings.

The course is conducted over a 2-3 day period around our operational requirements.

Day 1 will be spent with us as an observer so you can better appreciate what is to come once you start your training. 

Day 2 you can expect a period of theory briefings followed by flying training, and, Day 3 flying with additional theory as required.

Basic Float Endorsement (5 hours-Beaver) $2,999
Advanced Float Endorsement (5 hours- Amphibious Beaver) $3,999
Additional Training if required/desired $880/hour
ICUS packages when available $50/hour
Beaver Transition Training (2 hours) $1,999